Wow. Those are the best meals I've had outside of a restaurant in years. I love food, and have always been frustrated that I have to go to restaurants to find it (I have zero time to cook and am single) — but restaurant food is slathered in butter and other icky stuff. Your food tastes fresher and lighter yet is seasoned very well. I'm hooked. You've made my week.
Robert Grunnah
You are spoiling me! My taste buds are getting acclimated to eating really good food. The chicken dishes were juicy with great spicy sauces. And the sides -- it is so hard to eat frozen veggies now! The spinach was the best...not that soggy frozen kind. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I started working out with a trainer in January. Your food is exactly what I needed to counter the nearing 40 metabolism.
Theresa Jones
Darla, you are the lifesaver of the single man. Your meals are absolutely awesome. I have eaten in most of the best gourmet restaurants Austin has to offer, and I must say that your food is right at the top of the list. It really is that good and with a service to match. I am now a true fan and am telling all of my friends. Thanks for your devotion to your trade.
Lynn Lollar
We are absolutely blown away by the food!!! We are thrilled that we signed up and are so excited about ordering next week. I just can't say enough about how impressed we are with all the selections - we have yet to try anything that isn't totally fabulous. Thanks!!!
Sunny & Rob
I have been using Darla for about 9 or 10 months now. I cannot say enough about the quality of the food. It has been outstanding. I have always received dishes that are fresh and very tasty. The helpings are very generous. During the spring, my husband and I were the only two living at home after the last of 4 children flew the nest. We both work in professional jobs and each evening, it was always the "where are we going to take out from tonight?" discussion. I initially was concerned about the cost, but have found it much cheaper than buying and preparing food or getting take-out. We spent more money bringing in food or eating out than on the 'Darla' plan. I am wishing I had her Guiltless Chocolate Cake with me NOW! All of her food is either low fat and/or low carb and incredibly delicious.
Judy and Rickey Alexander
I just put on my jeans this morning and they no longer fit. I've probably lost a size if not two. My husband has lost about 15 pounds and several sizes in his pants as well. The food is fantastic with generous portions. Since I work Darla just pops the food in our office fridge so I can take it home at night. Having to go to the supermarket once a week is gone and we used to purchase more food than we could eat so I no longer have to throw out food! I also love how there isn't a commitment or plan like most of the chefs in town. Also it's so easy to order and she is very upfront about prices. She is a genius cook.
Daphne Holland
Chef Darla makes my life better. I'd been enjoying her incredibly flavorful fresh and healthy meals for about a year when I decided to go on Weight Watchers. Having the nutritional information makes it very easy to calculate how many points in the dishes. My partner and I love all of Darla's cooking, but personal favorites include Chicken Piccata, Cranberry Crusted Salmon and Pork Tacos.
Brenda Thompson